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music program

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Music plays an important role at LNAA.

For many years, our Institution has made music a foundation to exalt our Maker and to edify our students. Students enjoy discovering hidden talents and gifts through the support and guidance of the dedicated music faculty and staff.

Harmony Choir
Harmony Choir


LNAA’s music program starts at Pre-k and runs through the twelfth grade. Our High School students can prepare to audition for any university’s music program. 

Starting in Pre-K through fourth-grade students learn to play the violin. 

As part of LNAA’s music program at the end of fourth-grade students choose whether to become a part of Band or Orchestra. Based on their musical experience and level they can participate in the Elementary Orchestra or Advanced Orchestra. 

Students have the choice to join Bell Choir, Band, Orchestra, or Harmony Choir. Students in 8th grade can choose LNAA’s High School Choir as an elective. 


LNAA’s orchestra is made up of 50 plus students under the direction of Mr. Henoc Morrobel.

Students perform at their annual concert and have performed in various events in the State of New Jersey. 



Mr. Javier Noel leads LNAA’s band made up of students in grade 4 and up.  

The band performs at their annual concert in Spring. 

Handbell Ensemble

The Handbell Ensemble is offered as an elective for students in grades 4 through 7. 

Students learn to play with melodies and in harmony. 

Bell Choir

Harmony Choir

The Harmony Choir is made up of students across grades 4 through 7 who share the joy of spreading the Gospel and love of Jesus through song. The mission of this choir is to share their passion for music and ministry by using their God-given gifts to minister to anyone who will hear.

LNAA High School Choir

The LNAA choir allows students to develop:

  • discipline
  • sensitivity to the needs of others
  • empathy
  • patience
  • tolerance
  • persistence
  • friendship

It fosters self-esteem, solidarity, teamwork, and most importantly, it teaches our students to acknowledge God as the Giver of our talents.

The LNAA High School Choir is composed of more than 40 students from grades 8 to 12.  All students are welcome to join and use their voices to minister.

We look forward to you joining the LNAA’s High School Choir.