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junior high

Junior High opens many opportunities for students to build on values and principles as LNAA intentionally continues to build on “Character for Eternity” year after year. Students have a chance to develop leadership skills in various areas such as leading Week of Prayers. An anticipated event is the Outdoor Education Trip, which takes the students off-campus and connects them with nature.

The music program allows students to further develop their skills and talents as they join band or orchestra. Junior High Students also have the opportunity to join the Bell Choir, Harmony Choir, and 8th graders can join the High School Choir. Additionally, the athletics program offers the opportunity to be a part of soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

The Junior High years teach and prepare students study and organizational skills in anticipation of high school and beyond. One of the many skills taught are accountability and ownership of their education.

Outdoor Education Trip

The Outdoor Program is a three-day off-campus program that supports LNAA’s mission.  It is designed to help students in the 8th grade develop personal growth, teamwork, and leadership skills while strengthening their relationship with Jesus.

The experience provides students hands-on activities in nature while using all their senses and developing new ties and relationships with people, nature, and Jesus.  The bonds developed while in this program are lasting and the experience an unforgettable one.

outdoor education
outdoor education

Music Program

LNAA’s music program offers a variety of opportunities to further develop their skills and talents. Students choose from different electives such as Bell Choir, Harmony Choir, Band, or Orchestra.

To learn more about the music program, click here.

Athletics Program

LNAA’s athletics program builds the students’ physical stamina while providing the opportunity to strengthen social skills, teamwork, and character for eternity. 

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