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application process

Our Application Process

Admissions Process

1. The Lake Nelson Seventh-day Adventist School’s principles and teachings are based on the Bible, God’s word. Students of other religious persuasion are welcome. Students must show due reverence for the Word of God, maintain a respectful attitude during religious programs and classes, and observe all regulations of the school.

2. Lake Nelson School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origins. This includes all activities and functions of the school.

3. Any child applying for admission to kindergarten or first grade must be at least five (5) or six (6) years of age, respectively, on or before October 1st of the current year.

4. All new students will be given an entrance exam to determine the level the student comes in.

5. A physical examination is required for admission to the following grades:

Grade 3
Grade 6
Grade 9

Physical Examinations
Physical examinations and updated immunizations are required before Oct. 31st



New students Pre-Registration or intent to register process:
• Non-refundable $75 Deposit- Applies to Testing Fee /Reservation of Space
• Complete the Registration Forms: Admission-Application

• Report Card
• Standardized Test
• IEP if applicable
• Copy of Birth Certificate


New students are required to take an assessment in math and reading, and may be asked to complete an interview prior to acceptance. Documented evidence of all previous school records must be submitted.

Records for transferring students will be requested from the previous school to show academic history. Acceptance is also dependent upon receipt and review of previous school records. Upon first admission, all students must submit a birth certificate.


Returning students will be notified when the re-enrollment period is open. Registration Forms must be filled out and completed by first day of school.