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Empowering Students Through Christian Education

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Lake Nelson Athletics Program



**Spots on teams are limited and will go to the first registrars: Boys and Girls are welcome on all teams**
You must be in 6th grade and up to register to participate on all teams except gymnastics which will be for 3rd grade and up.

Fall Registration Open:
Fall Registration Closed:
Fall – 10 Weeks (September, October, November):
Soccer (Maximum – 26 Players)*
September 27, 2016 – November 17, 2016
Practice – 1 day/Week

Winter Registration Open: *November 21, 2016*
Winter Registration Closed: *December 16, 2016*
Winter – 10 Weeks (January, February, March)
Basketball (Maximum – 14 Players)*
Gymnastics (3rd Grade and up) (Maximum – 26 )*
January 2, 2017 – March 09, 2017
Practice – 2 days/Week

Spring Registration Open: *February 6, 2017*
Spring Registration Closed: *March 3, 2017*
Spring – 9 Weeks (March, April, May)
Soccer (Maximum – 26 Players)*
Softball (Maximum – 24 Players)*
Volleyball (Maximum – 16 Players)*
March 21, 2017 – March 30, 2017
April 24, 2017 – May 30, 2017
Practice – 2 days/Week

Cheerleading Registration Open:
Cheerleading Registration Closed:
Fall, Winter, & Spring – Cheerleading Squad
Practice – Schedule given at a later date
(If you wish to join the cheer squad, please see Mrs. Hemmings)


Empowering Students Through Christian Education


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:
Thank you for your interest in athletic sports at Lake Nelson SDA Elementary school. In everything that we do, Lake Nelson strives for excellence. We are deeply aware that all of our help comes from God. We begin this athletics program by placing it in God’s hands. Our Lake Nelson motto is, Empowering students through Christian Education and on our seal that education is comprised of the physical, mental and spiritual. The LNS athletics program takes the physical education one step forward as we embark on opening the athletics department. We thank you for taking an interest and for your continued support.
• Students participating in sports are expected to maintain a level of scholastic achievement that will enable them to graduate and succeed in the future. Please review handbook for complete rules and regulations.
• No student will be cleared to participate in practice for a sport unless ALL documentation is completed, signed as indicated, cleared, and on file.
• Incomplete forms will be returned and the student will NOT be cleared for play until all forms are complete.
We look forward to your child’s participation in the Athletics program. Thoroughly checking the packet before submitting it will enable your child to participate in practices without delay. Should you have any question or concerns, please contact the Athletic Director, Anna-Gayle Hemmings or a sports coordinator.

Thank you,
Athletics Committee